🧙‍♂️ Why do casinos give Bonus Codes

The answer to this is simple. There are literally hundreds of online casinos around the internet that offer pretty much the same services. The one thing that separates them are the promotional deals handed out in the form of Bonus codes.

Bonus codes are an amazing offer that casinos regularly give out. When a business gives out freebies it is important to look at what angle they are coming from. What prompts casinos to give out promo codes? Well, the competitive landscape of the industry is one factor to consider. In order to gain more market share online casinos will try out-bonus their competitors by offering generous promotions to their customers. For existing customers offering bonuses is a sure way to ensure their customers remain happy and content at their casino and don't consider moving to a competitor. Online casinos will push the idea that the “grass is greener on the other side” by tempting online casino goers with new and exciting promotions. As a customer you can sit back and enjoy these amazing offers knowing full well that they only serve to keep you happy!

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