What are free spins?

On this page, we will explain to everybody what free spins are and the rules of free spins bonuses. It may vary slightly per online casino that you visit, but the basics are the same everywhere.

For a free spin bonus you get a certain number of free spins on a slot machine. The profits that you make are yours to keep. Keep in mind that sometimes you have to deposit money before getting the free spins, but sometimes you also get free spins with no deposit

In a nutshell, that should answer the question about what are free spins. However, it's important to realise that you always have to play for the profits, before you can withdraw your funds.

What is a wager?

This is done through a so called "wager”. Here is what a wager is:

  • A wager is the number of times you have to put in the money you have won before the money is yours.
  • The wager and a bonus may vary between casino’s, but it is usually between 20-40x.
  • After this number of times the amount is bet, the bonus money is yours, including any profits that you pick up along the way.
  • Usually the wager with a free spin no deposit promotion is higher than in a bonus with a deposit.
  • Make sure you always read the general or bonus conditions for the free spin bonus you are using, so there are no surprises. 

For example, for many casinos it is common a maximum bet applies to your bonus. If there is a maximum bet of € 5, - you can not unlock a bonus by € 10 per spin bet on a slot machine. These bets will not count towards your wager. Also bets on table games like roulette, poker and blackjack do not always count towards the wagering requirements.

What Are Free Spins Bonus example:

Mr. Green Casino is a nice free spins casino. Here you get 20 free spins after signing up. You play continuously on the same slot free spins slot Starburst and win the amount of € 10. This amount will be added to your account. But you can not withdraw just yet.

To be able to withdraw you will first need to free the money by playing. The wager at Mr Green Casino is 35x. You will have to play the € 10 a total number of 35x (= €350) on a slot machine. Unlike playing the free spins, unlocking the bonus does not have to be done on one specific slot. However the use of the money on the games baccarat, craps and blackjack does not count toward releasing. Roulette counts for 12%.

What is a Free Play Bonus?

Free play bonuses, also called free bets bonuses are sometimes a bit deceptive bonuses. Casinos advertise a huge amount, which you might think that it is yours. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case. You get this amount only for a certain time to play with. Sometimes this is an hour, but it can also be a whole day. Free Play bonuses are very suitable to get to know a casino, because you can enjoy playing without using your own money. Most free play bonuses are in fact available with no deposit! We will not advise you casinos that really have a misleading promotion, but we don’t want to deny the opportunity to play in Free Play. If you want to play Free Bets, we recommend Platinum Casino. We will now explain how a Free Bets bonus works. Free Bets works a little bit different than freespins. Instead of a number of bets on a slot machine, you get a time limit and a start-up amount of credits to play. Within the time you can play as much as you want with this amount. When you log out, time will continue to run normally. If the time has elapsed the casino is looking at the amount you have won. The amount won is yours to keep and is converted into a bonus that you're able to continue playing with, but you still can’t withdraw. As with Free Spins bonus you must first unlock the money using a 'wager', the number of times you will play the bonus amount before you can pay out. After you've unlocked the bonus amount is really all yours to keep, including any winnings you won while clearing the bonus.

A Free Play Bonus example:

Freeplay bonuses are different. For example you register at a at 20.00 at night and get 1500 credits to play with. Unfortunately you are unlucky and after 2 hours you've only got about 1200 credits left. You go to sleep at 0.00. The next day at 19.00 you try again. In 1h you actually win 500 credits! At 20.00, the bonus time expired and you stand at a profit of 200 credits. You have thus earned the maximum bonus of $ 100. Once you've made a deposit (min. $ 20), the bonus dollars are placed on your account. This bonus amount you have won at Platinum Casino has to be wagered 30x before you can pay out. This goes for 30x slots. Blackjack and Roulette count for a smaller percentage for the wager. More information about the specific conditions of Platinum Casino bonus can be found via the link. Always read the bonus conditions of the casino where you want to play, so there will be no surprises for you.