🎈 Is Vera John a reliable casino

Yes, Vera John is certainly a reliable and safe casino. They have been licensed in multiple locations including Malta, Denmark, the UK and Sweden. On top of this Vera John is a subsidiary of the JPJ group which is a listed company.

Vera John has been licensed by some of the highest authorities in the gambling industry. Particularly in Malta, where the casino is licensed, the gaming authority only gives the green light on casinos the meet their stringent requirements. What this means for you is that you can expect a high standard service that is not only reliable but also safe. This is mainly due to the fact that there is some accountability with regards to how the casino is run.

In the past Vera John has had its fair share of criticism. These complaints have made their way around the internet and have painted a picture that is hardly accurate to the true state of affairs. The truth is that Vera John has been meticulous in accepting responsibility and resolving complaints quickly and in a professional manner. As a casino who has been around since 2011 there is bound to be some initial hiccups in operations. A casino isn't defined by being perfect from the get-go, but rather in the manner in which they resolve these complaints. Today, vera John has learned from their mistakes to bring you an amazing online casino experience.

What we have today is an excellent multi language support department, speedy payouts and a 100% verified random number generator (RNG).

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