🧙‍♂️ How many times can I use a Bonus Code?

Typically, a bonus code can be used only once. Casinos enforce this rule quite strictly and have various tracking measures in place to ensure a bonus code is not used more than once.

When given a bonus code players are sometimes tempted to use the same code again to receive twice the reward. Fortunately for casino’s (and unfortunately for those would-be chancers) software implemented in the casinos are able to track the usage of a particular code from the IP address or through the players account from which it was accessed. What this means is that a player who accesses a bonus code from a particular location will only be allowed to use the code once. Even if the player tries to register multiple account the software will still pick up the IP address and deny access to the bonus code. Additionally, this means that if there are multiple members of a household who share the same device there is the possibility that they will only be allowed one bonus code for the entire household.

This may at times become problematic but can we really blame casinos for implementing such measures? We are pretty sure its crossed everyone's mind to at least try to reuse a bonus code to see what would happen. These restrictions are therefore necessary to protect the interests of the casino. Bonus codes can be quite expensive for online casinos and the exploitation of these offers may result in them disappearing as a result of the casinos inability to sustain the financial losses incurred through fraud. In order to keep enjoying these amazing deals you should respect the one player one bonus rule, because at the end of the day it is you who is benefiting the most!

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