🏆 Are these Free Spins really for Free?

The short answer is yes. When you are awarded a certain amount of free spins you will not be required to bet any funds when spinning the wheel. However, should you decide to withdraw funds you may find that there is a wagering requirement. The wagering requirements found at the majority of casinos leads one to the conclusion that free spins are not 100% free.

In actual fact when you are receiving free spins you may be required to have first made a deposit. When you make a deposit you are, as a gift, given a certain amount of free spins. In this instance, one may argue that you in fact paid for the free spins. When you are given exclusive free spins while playing your favourite slot you are not paying for this amazing offer. It is usually through your loyalty to the casino that you are made eligible to an exclusive free spin offer! When you spin the wheels you are not required to wager any of your funds and you can even win real money. 

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